Thursday, March 31, 2005

Questions for Conservatives (the first episode of an ongoing series)

If President Bush's plan for Social Security is so great, then why can't just anyone attend his town hall meetings to hear it for themselves? I promise that I'll sit in my seat quietly and listen to his pitch. Can I come? Pretty please?


lemming said...

If you were a true Patriot, you wouldn't ask such a question.

P.S. So glad you're blogging!

Hugh said...

Wrong question. There are two issues here. The first is "What is the Republican plan for the future of Social Security?" The second is the President not wanting to be interrupted by hecklers who are just there to disrupt the meeting. The neo-cons forte is redefining words: If you were expecting an actual, Vermont-style town hall meeting when the President called it a "town hall meeting", you are sadly mistaken.

A related question is "If national security is so important, why can't I sit in the Oval Office when important decisions are being made?"

tommyspoon said...

But I said I would sit there quietly. No heckling! I promise!

I guess I gotta bone up on my "word redefinition" thing.