Monday, October 29, 2007

Checking In

Listening to U2 (not that album, the next one), thinking about life, TRP's dilemma, the recent 'Skins loss, the disappointingly short World Series, missing my Mom, feeling a tad lonely, happy that my work headaches are coming to an end, looking forward to tomorrow's company Halloween Party (love those little kids in costume!), and feeling pretty stable about life in general.

How's things by you?


Hugh said...

Not bad. Getting over a cold while not missing work. Attempting to keep our daughters on the straight and narrow (one getting her first detention, the other writing with a Sharpie on the toilet seat). Dreading raking the leaves. Trying to learn MS Project and basic SQL as fast as I can. Avoiding listening to WNOU 93.1 playing "93 days of Christmas music" in lieu of a format change January 1.

The usual.

lemming said...

Still dancing all over the place about Boston.

Anonymous said...

Mostly chopping wood to get ready for winter. Avoiding work on my PhD, but doing a lot of writing for my lectures.