Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Night: Recap

Tonight began like any other show I've ever done: introductions, administrivia, scheduling (lots and lots of scheduling -- and it still isn't done yet!) and then a bit of reading. A few observations:
  • Short rehearsals: our evenings will be relatively short, beginning at 7:15 and ending two to two and a half hours later. The Director said that his page limit on Shakespeare is about 10 pages. I'm of mixed mind about this: on the one hand I won't be as exhausted on a day-in day-out basis, but I really like to work in larger blocks of text. Then again, I'm not directing this production, so I guess I should just be grateful, eh?
  • Thrust staging: the fact that I have directed in this space should serve me well. Our playing space will be bounded on three sides by audience and we'll have six entrances. Six! I'm going to make sure I have a map with me at all times so I can keep my comings and goings straight.
  • Aging: the Director asked me how I wanted to handle Gloucester's age. I asked him how he'd like me to handle it. He suggested a beard. I've never had a beard before. The last time I grew facial hair of any sort it came in on the reddish-brown side. That was over ten years ago, so I'm willing to give it another try. Any suggestions from the hirsute among you (ahem, Joe) will be greatly appreciated.
  • Blood: and yes, there will be lots of it!


Joe said...

Joe's Manly Guide to Growing a Beard:

1986: Wait.

1991: Keep waiting.

1994: Grow goatee for show. Smile nicely when co-workers become worried because something about you looks vaguely frumpy and tired.

Later 1994: Around tech week, decide random shadow on face is officially beard. Decide you're not going through that again. Keep it.

2006: Get up guts to shave beard, as part of "My Name Is Earl" halloween costume. Discover it grows back in a week. Rejoice.

Sorry... although I will say that I discovered for the show that a little hair grey actually makes a thin beard look better. You can apply it with an irregularly clipped toothbrush to avoid getting silver nitrate all over your face.

lemming said...

OMG. I am so grateful to be a woman...