Friday, July 11, 2008

Ex- and Empty

So, it is done.

The waiting is over.

The papers have been signed.

The money has been deposited.

How do I feel?


But it's a good kind of empty feeling. I feel like a piece of freshly turned out pottery, awaiting its time to be filled.

And now two interesting linguistic matters have materialized: the use of the pronoun "we" is going to be employed less and the use of the prefix "ex-" is going to become more prevalent. I'm sure that the last thing most recently divorced folks think about is their use of language when it comes to referencing their former and current daily lives. But, as an actor and a writer my thoughts naturally fall to such things.

So now I must ready myself for the next big thing: the rest of my life.


lemming said...


Tengrain said...

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry.



tommyspoon said...

Thanks, 'grain. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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