Thursday, April 28, 2005

Informal Theatrical Poll

Ok, a while back I had submitted a proposal to direct "Talk Radio" here. Well, it was turned down. But one of the board members has asked me to consider directing one of the following instead:

Upon first glance, only the first truly excites me (but that's because I was in a production of it while at grad school). But I can always be convinced!


lemming said...

Which part did you play? (I'm just full of questions today...)

tommyspoon said...

I played the part of Azolan, Valmont's sneaky and sexually perverse butler. (Remember that list under the "crush on fictional character" question? This role enabled me to cross several items off that list...)

Anonymous said...

I would go with LLD myself. Although I don't know the other three very well, they seem more campy and less intelligent. I did see bits of the film version of the Bad Seed and, well, it reminds me too much of all the "evil children" films that have come out lately.