Thursday, April 28, 2005

On feeling superfluous

I'm blogging to you from final dress rehearsal for "Ragtime." The orchestra is tuning up in the pit below me, the cast is flitting about in various states of makeup and costume, and I feel utterly useless. And that's a good thing. This show doesn't need my input anymore, just an audience.

Letting go of shows has never been hard for me. There's always another one around the bend.

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Joe said...

And good on you for it. I was stage manager for a producer once who simply could not understand that there really wasn't anything for her to be doing in the hour before the box office opened. After the second or third time she stopped me from sweeping the stage (on the grounds that I must've had better things to do, which was untrue), I just went ahead and made it her job. Made her feel useful, while I was fine with waiting for the show to start.

("Right now, my job is eating this donut.")