Thursday, November 03, 2005

What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

Neon heart, dayglow eyes...
I'm pretty blue today. And I can't figure out why. I've got no reason, hell, I've got plenty of reasons against feeling this way:

  • Dad's coming home tomorrow. Tomorrow. There was a time not too long ago when we didn't think he'd be coming home at all.
  • My trip out here to Boulder has been both relaxing and productive. The project I'm about to embark upon may do great things for my career. And looking at the Flatirons every morning upon waking is a great way to wake up.
  • My first teleworking column was published this week. Click the "Way we Work" link.

And yet, I'm still blue. Maybe I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe seeing "A History of Violence" last night was a bad idea (although a really good movie). Maybe TRP's frustrations with education are rubbing off on me. I dunno.

Maybe I just can't wait to get home.

City lit by fireflies...


Joe said...

Sometimes, no matter how good the trip is, you're just ready to be home. Here's hoping that's all it is.

Hugh said...

Oh, Tom, I completely get that way about once a month. It will pass, promise.

lemming said...

Go home, have some tea with the missis and take adeep breath.

You've been on a terrible roller coaster, and whil Co has been a nice break, you need to cut yourself some emotional slack.

(large hug)

(passes chocolate)

Might I suggest singing "Happy Birthday" to a cat?

tommyspoon said...

Joe -- Yeah, I think that's all this is. I feel much better today.

Hugh -- I remember that from school. Hmm. Maybe you were ahead of your time...

Lemming -- *hugs* You're so sweet! I'll serenade a bunny this evening. That'll do the trick!