Thursday, December 29, 2005

And the Results are In!

I've decided not to audition for anything over the next couple of months, partly because of my Dad but mainly because of several timing issues. So let's run down the list:

Assassins. The big strike against this show is that it has performances over our fifth wedding anniversary. We are attempting to plan a small vacation over that time (bear with us, we're not that good at this sort of thing!), so there you go. Hugh's observation that "Assassins is timeless, and will become more popular with age" is spot on. So this won't be the only opportunity I'll have to audition for this show. It is one of my favorite shows and not just because of its subject matter.

Company. Another timing strike against this one. The early May performance dates absolutely terrify me because that's when my allergies kick into warp drive and render my voice all but useless. Unless someone's got some real good suggestions on how to sing such a difficult show while battling nasal and upper respiratory allergies, this one's out. And that's too bad because this show has got some really good music. (I did get a weird feeling when I read that audition information sheet, so that was another strike against this show.)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? So that leaves this classic. Yes, I'll probably audition for it come the spring time. And yes, Alison, I'll gladly audition for the role of Nick because I find small parts like that fascinating. I really enjoyed playing Mitch in "Streetcar" several years ago because it was a chance to do some interesting work without the pressure of being one of the leads (although I welcome that kind of pressure in the future!). I imagine that Nick will offer a similar experience, just more intense. And if I hope to play George someday, then I had better have at least one production under my belt.

Thanks for all of your comments! It was fun reading your responses to this poll. And Hugh, this'll be in the Lab Theater. Sheesh...

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