Friday, December 02, 2005

Wearing a Bit Thin

Rejuvenation Through Breathing

Dad's undergoing a procedure sometime today to drain some suspected abscesses. I wish there was a procedure to drain the exhaustion from my body. I am so sick of feeling tired. These last eight months have been really tough, much tougher than the eight months before Mom died. And now that the holidays are here, I just don't know if I have the reserves to make it through.

My apologies for the self-pitying nature of this post. But writing about it seems to make me feel better. So, I promise more uplifting stuff later.


And special thanks to Hugh for the suggested edits.


John B. said...


Hang in there.

You need to find time for yourself, a hobby, friends, going out to a ballgame, whatever floats your boat. As hard as it is to do, you need to find time to do something relaxing and fun, for YOU. Even if it means time away from visiting Dad every day (you sound like you visit him every day, maybe I am wrong in that assumption). Don't feel guilty about it, the caregivers need a break, too.

The holidays will be hard for both of us from the standpoint of our fathers' health. Just try to find some joy and happiness in your own health, life and experiences.

Hugh said...

DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT YOU WRITE ON THE BLOG! If writing posts make you feel better, then write -- this blog is for your benefit, not your readers.

Joe said...

Based on my own experiences of having overcommitted holidays, I'd suggest taking stock of (a) what you need to do for you to have a good holiday, (b) what you need to do for other people in order for _you_ to have a good holiday, and (c) what you can cut.

The way I see it, those cuttable things are either going to get cut at the last minute anyway, or get in the way of something you'd enjoy more - so go ahead and get them off the list while December is still in single digits.

(Needless to say, I've learned and relearned this rule the hard way - do as I say, not as I do.)

And remember - 8 hours' notice and you can put "quiet weekend in the country" on the list. Or weekday; us country folk ain't particular.

oddangel said...

Heh. I've been in the same boat. Not quite as intensely as you have, but this sounds very familiar. Haven't even had a chance to blog nearly as much as I like, even though it makes me feel better. So kudos to you for doing that much!

Sounds like it may be time for another personal vacation?