Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!

Or, what a terrible way to die, as the camp song goes.

  • I've joined up with another blog, We Are Out of Focus. (Be sure to check the domain name!) Not sure what I'll be posting there, but I'll try to take a different tone than I do here.

  • This blog may move! Yes, it may. I'm still debating where it will move, but I'm outgrowing blogger. And that's not a criticism of blogger, it's a fine platform. But I want to do other things with this forum, and that means I'll move.

  • Can't wait to watch the Redskins battle Seattle this weekend! I've got a friendly wager with a left-coaster for beverages at a Nats Game To Be Named Later. I'm excited because the 'Skins are back in the playoffs and playing reasonably well. (Yes, I know the offense stunk on toast last weekend. Apparently, that stinky offense was enough to beat the vaunted Buccaneers. Just a thought for all you Seahawks fans...) Sweetie is also excited: she picked out snacks for the game at the grocery store last night.

Enjoy your day!


TheCompleteGeek said...

nice job on the domain name! Let me know when I should update your feed.

Swankette said...

Am I related to the left-coaster with whom you have the wager?

teacherrefpoet said...

"Vaunted" Buccaneers? Who was vaunting them? They were a weak playoff entry. And it was the defense who beat the Bucs. The offense did jack. Zip. Zero.

I have 28-10 Seahawks.

oddangel said...

Interesting! So, is that a communal blog, then?