Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Things We Share

One of the things the Sweetie and I share is an intense love for Stevie Ray Vaughan, who passed away 17 years ago today. I was in summer stock at the time, and our Equity Stage Manager was a huge fan. She came into the bar that night with tears streaming down her face and told us the news. We all felt sucker-punched; we had been jamming to "Walkin' the Tightrope" and "Crossfire" on the jukebox all that summer while playing pool. Upon hearing the news, we all chipped in quarters and played those two songs all night long. Nobody objected.

So here's a video (scroll down to the bottom of the page) I found this morning: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Stevie Wonder jamming together on "Superstition" (which is my all time favorite Stevie Wonder tune). The video is not so great, but the sound is pretty good. I suggest turning up your speakers at some point today. SRV would approve.


SteveAudio said...

Thanks for the link!

oddangel said...

I actually remember that. I was working on the grounds crew at my university and I heard it on the headphones. I was so crushed. He was supposed to come to town just a couple months later and I never got to see him. *sigh*