Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Night at the Ballpark

Sweetie and I had a great time last night, even though we didn't make it out of the fifth inning. (All the excitement happened after that, natch.) I didn't score the game because I couldn't get over how different RFK looked as a baseball stadium. The last sporting event I saw there was a D.C. United Game during their Championship run in 1996. Before that, I saw the Washington Diplomats take on the New York Cosmos (who had Pele, my #1 sports idol at the time). So I was not used to seeing a diamond where a rectangle usually sat.

Stuff I observed last night:

  • At one point in the third inning, when Tony Armas was ahead 0-2 on Scott Hatteberg, some fan behind me yelled out: "SWEEP THE LEG!" I giggled for about five minutes.

  • I loved watching the field as the sun went down and the stadium lights took over. It was really magical.

  • If nothing else, a baseball game is very relaxing. I'm not sure that more than 100 words passed between us, but Sweetie and I had a great time.

Next time, I told her, we'll see if we can last until the seventh inning stretch.


Anonymous said...

Where were you sitting?

Does D.C. United still play there? I wondered about that


oddangel said...

I can see how a baseball game might be relaxing with just one other person with you. The times I've gone to games I've been with a fairly large crowd, so it was as if the game became a backdrop to a social event. We'd get into it if there was some serious action on the field, but otherwise it was all about hanging out with friends.

Swankette said...

It will be a minor league ball game, but there is a ball game in your future (less than two months away) in which I predict you'll be staying to the ninth inning.