Monday, August 29, 2005

The Weekend that Was

Saw "Red Eye" and quite liked it. It's no "North by Northwest", but it's a great Saturday night date movie.

Dad continues to mend. They are weaning him off of various and sundry medications and are working on getting him up and moving around. He'll probably be released sometime this week, but we're not sure.

Attended a very nice surprise birthday party on Saturday night. But the highlight of the evening occurred after the party ended. Sweetie and I were standing outside of the restaurant with another couple and their child who's in the middle of potty training. The Father had the child up on his shoulders and was gently spinning around. All of a sudden, this look washed over his face and he took the child off of his shoulders and placed her on the ground. Before any of us had a chance to fully register what had happened, he knelt down and looked his daughter in the eye and the following conversation took place:

"Did you just pee on Daddy?"


"Well, then, it must be hotter out here than I thought."

Whereupon we all burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter. (BTW, both parents handled this situation perfectly. I hope that when I become a Father I'll be just as nonplussed.)

As we parted company, Mom was still a bit rattled by what just happened. I said to her: 'Hey, don't worry about it. Think of what a great Prom Night story that'll be."

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Hugh said...

Those are the best, longest-lasting aspects of fatherhood -- when something goes terribly, humorously, wrong. Most of the time don't let go quickly enough, but that's a great story.