Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Seattle Highlights

We returned from Seattle exhausted yet elated. Such a fun time was had! Great people, great food, and such a great town. We're definitely returning at some point, if only to do all the things we wished we had time to do this time around.

The Pike Place Market

Fish throwing and the best cherries I've ever had. Oh, and the sandwiches at Three Girls Bakery are thrilling! Yes, thrilling, I tell you!

The Seattle Art Museum

If you can, catch the exhibit on Isamu Noguchi. Very innovative sculptor and designer of furniture, theatrical sets, and large public art projects. The pieces from his collaborations with Martha Graham ("Errand Into the Maze" and "Appalachian Spring") are stunning and provocative.


My favorite funkytown! Where else can you see a Troll Under a Bridge,


a statue of Lenin (with accompanying hot chick),

Hot Chick Hanging Onto Lenin

and an abandoned gas works turned into a public park?

Do Not Climb on the Giant Flywheel

The Everett Aquasox

Yes, they were crushed by the Tri-City Dust Devils 9-3. But we had such a great time! The Bride threw out the first pitch, the Groom sang the National Anthem, and the game ended with actual fireworks!

Oooh! Ahhh!

The Choir

Considering we had only four rehearsals, and only one with the entire choir, I thought we sounded pretty good. The Bride and Groom were moved to tears, and my Sweetie said we sounded "perfect." She wished that there was a tape recorder running. Sounds like we nailed it!

The Wedding

Many laughs, many tears, and much love. The space was grand and so was the couple!

What a Window!

The Reception

The beer, food, and music flowed all night. One of the best parties I've ever attended. We were honored to be seated at the 5-Spot table, named in honor of the restaurant where the couple had their first date. Later, the Groom proposed at the very same table!

Old Friends and New Friends

One of the best things about weddings is the opportunity to meet new people and get reacquainted with folks you haven't seen in forever. The choir brought together many Kenyon folks who I haven't seen or heard from in years. The added bonus being that I got to sing with them -- something I never got the chance to do while at school. So much thanks to Rob, Shelly, and Matt for carrying me through the songs with your skill and humor.

And thanks to the new folks! The Groom's Sister and her Boyfriend were a particular joy. Also one of the readers, his wife and adorable kids were an unexpected pleasure. Gots to get their contact information!

Not bad, eh? Now if only Sweetie and I landed jobs there and we could enjoy Rainier Cherries all year 'round!


oddangel said...

Ooh. I *heart* the 5 Spot. Glad you had a chance to go there while in Seattle. And it sounds like you didn't run into any Seafair traffic trouble either. Yay!

tommyspoon said...


1. No, we didn't get to the 5-Spot. We sat at the 5-Spot table at the reception. All the tables were themed to reflect various aspects of their lives. Turns out that the 5-Spot table was the "poltical" table. We sat with a legislative aide and his wife, my Kenyon chum/choir mate Matt who is soon to be the Executive Director of a progressive religious/political organization in Minnesota, and the Groom's sister who is a lawyer specializing in international relations. Needless to say, the conversation was stimulating!

2. Um, the Seafair traffic was pretty bad. Took us over an hour to get from the church to the reception. But at least we weren't alone. Most folks arrived not much sooner than we did.

oddangel said...

Ah. It's all clear to me now.
*feeling silly*

GrigorPDX said...

Oh yeah ... you guys "nailed it." Rampaging goosebumps througought the spectators.

And the "gee, I wonder where the towncar is?" midnight sidewalk concert was great too! :-)