Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tale of 2

I've had two auditions in the past two days. They were very different, and yet each of them left me with a similar taste in my mouth.

Audition #1
Genre: Independent Film
Location: Waldorf, MD

This was actually my second audition for this project. I won't divulge the title, but based on the sides I've read so far I would categorize this film as a very campy murder mystery. Think John Waters meets "CSI:" or "Cold Case". I've read for a forensic lab technician and a hot and bothered preacher. I get the sense that they are interested in working with me, but they have obviously not made up their minds about how they want to use me. Indecisiveness is not a quality that you run across often in this business. So half of me is amused. The other half is thoroughly irritated about driving the hour and twenty minutes from my house to the audition site. I'm hoping that they make up their minds soon so I don't have to beg off another trip.

Audition #2
Genre: Theatre
Location: Herndon, VA

This was the second night of auditions for "The Bible: The Complete Word of God Abridged". It's an improv-style show penned by the same folks who wrote "Shakespeare Abridged". Unfortunately for the company, the weather system that produced those horrible tornadoes in the Midwest over the weekend arrived in our area yesterday. There were high winds, lots of lightning, and a bit of rain and hail. (All in all, we fared much better than our Midwestern counterparts. I'm sending my good karma and thoughts to those affected.)

So I wasn't surprised that I was only the second person to show up last night. But I was surprised that I was only the seventh person to audition overall. Basically, I walked into the theater last night to find the producer, director and stage manager loitering in the lobby hoping and praying that people would show up. I dutifully filled out my audition form (that was when I noticed that I was lucky number 7), had my picture taken, and was asked if I could return on Thursday evening for callbacks (they were originally scheduled for tonight). I hope that there was a mad rush of folks after I left and the weather improved.

I'm not sure what to do about this. I'm going to the callbacks on Thursday because I never turn down an opportunity to audition. But I'm concerned that this show attracted so few people. Since I wouldn't be getting paid for this, the quality of the people involved means a lot to me. I guess we'll see what happens on Thursday.