Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Kind of Town

I'm gonna be in Chicago for three days next week on business. I need suggestions for the following:
  • BBQ
  • Theater
  • Live Music
Obviously I'm only able to take in two out of the three, but I need something to do Monday night! Hopefully I'll have time to blog from the Metroplex.


Hugh said...

Ribs -- Carson's, though if you want to take a walk on the wild side you might try Harold's down in Hyde Park (1208 E 53rd St.)

Theater -- check out for the league of chicago theaters' listings. If you'll be downtown, you really can't go wrong with Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier. Unfortunately, it looks like their doing R&J. But it's the Chicago debut of Tony Award-nominated director Mark Lamos.

Live Music: Where do I start? Pick up a copy of the Chicago Reader, and take your pick.

lemming said...

Is Joe Segal's (spelling?) Jazz Showcase still open?

I'd echo the Navy Pier suggestion. There are lots of great indy theaters that do a wide variety of plays, but that might take you further from your hotel than you are to go.