Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Question

The recent goings-on in Kansas have compelled me to ask the following question of religious conservative folks:

Would you mind if I stopped by your Sunday School class to instruct your children on the finer points of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

Oh, you wouldn't like that? Why not?

[insert Charlie Brown "teacher's voice" here]

It's not appropriate, you say?



Alison said...

Of course, their actual argument against it would be that Darwin was wrong and it's blasphemous. Since the biblical version of creation is truth and beauty and written by God himself, there should be no problem with teaching it any old where.

By the way, my head hurts just from writing that.

Joe said...

In fairness, the Kansas hearings are a kangaroo court in part because qualified scientists are boycotting them.

Me? I'm just a Papist happy that Teilhard de Chardin settled this for us almost a hundred years ago. It takes a lot of Pride to tell God that science was created wrong.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Any science class must teach the scientific method.

Any pursuit of the scientific method will lead one to conclude that evolution is a reasonable theory given our current information.

They can try to dismantle the scientific method in church, I guess, but then they'll have to say that other theories (gravity, thermodynamics, atomic...) are also not true. But that's not the fish they want to fry...