Thursday, September 08, 2005

Go Saints!

Other than having a pretty cool logo, I had never given the New Orleans Saints much thought until recently. And I thought that receiver Joe Horn's cell phone end zone stunt two years ago was kinda lame (although the actor in me always appreciates the creative use of props). But both of these things changed for me when I read this great article in the Post. Not only does Joe Horn emerge as someone who has both his priorities and his heart in the right place, but gradually my heart and mind turned toward the New Orleans Saints. What can I, an ardent football fan, do to help this bedraggled and dispirited team?

Become a fan, of course.

And I urge you to become a Saints fan too, if only for this season.

Look, I'm still going to cheer for my 'Skins, but they're probably not headed to the playoffs this year. So I think I can spare a bit of my fandom for the Black and Gold (which is a killer color combo!). They don't play us this season, but I still may find an excuse to paint a black and gold Fleur de Lis on my face and watch them on TV. (That might startle Sweetie a bit, but she's used to me playing dress up by now.)

So, go Saints!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Shake my hand.

We just formed Le Comité Nordique pour Soutenir les Saints de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

("Northern", of course, being judged in reference to New Orleans...)