Monday, September 12, 2005


Well, it's official: I'm no longer a bachelor. Yes, I've been married for over four years now, but there was a part of me that was holding onto my bachelorhood with clenched fists and straining fingertips. That part let go this weekend. I'm not sure when this occurred, but I didn't feel like indulging in the usual things I indulge in when Sweetie is out of the house. No wild parties, no beer consumption, no late night movies. None of that.

I did manage to relax a little bit, but I got a few household projects completed. The big one is pictured below.

My New Pantry

Yes, I know, shelves. What's the big deal about shelves? Well, the fact that I managed to locate a stud behind our plaster-coated walls was a huge victory in itself. (Those of you who are familiar with my technical prowess know how huge a victory!) After that, the mounting was relatively painless. It is now full of various bottles and cans that had been cluttering up my small countertop and hogging some much-needed cabinet space. The next step is actually reorganizing that reclaimed space, but there are only so many hours in a day, people.

I also cooked up a whole bunch of food of the meat-variety (hey, gotta take advantage when the vegetarian leaves the house!):

  • One rack of spare ribs (BBQ),
  • One turkey breast (BBQ), and
  • One batch of chicken and turkey sausage dish (Slow Cooker).

All this cooking was done to prepare for the coming weeks as opening night approaches, so it had some practical purpose. But, damn was it tasty! (I'm sorry that there are no pictures of the BBQ. I was too busy eating it...)

The only time my inner bachelor appeared was when watching the 'Skins home opener against Da Bears. An ugly win is still a win, but I'd like to see us put together a touchdown drive at some point during the season. I did catch the end of the Saints/Panthers game and what a finish! I was whooping and hollering louder than for the 'Skins. So both of my favorite teams are 1-0 this morning. That's a nice feeling!

You know what's an even better feeling? Sweetie comes home today! And not a moment too soon!


Hugh said...

As a Bears fan, I'd like to know why my team still provokes so much hatred and scorn, dating mostly from the time that we won the Super Bowl. It's 20 years ago, get over it. The Super Bowl Shuffle was no more or less idiotic than The Ickey Shuffle.

tommyspoon said...

Hatred? What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Tommy - just spend a few hours at our home any day that the Bears are playing. Hugh may root for da Bearsh, but he channels plenty of hatred as well. (Rex G's injuries notwithstanding...)

-the missis