Wednesday, September 28, 2005


This week continues to sneak up on me in interesting ways.

  • Dad continues to improve; he is getting ready to be transferred out of the ICU and into the Intermediate Care Facility (which is one floor up in the hospital -- which I take to be a good omen).
  • Even though I still have no regrets about my decision to give up "Hauptmann", I felt a chill come over me when I returned the Lindbergh biography to the library last night. This week is tech week so it is strange not to be experiencing the "half tired/half wired" feeling since I am not a part of the show any longer. I do wish them well. Perhaps I'll go see the show this weekend. Perhaps not. I'm still unsure.
  • The Nationals have reached the 80 win plateau. Yes, I know they were mathematically eliminated from wild card contention earlier this week. But I don't really care. They have been an unqualified success around these parts. I'm just sorry I could only make one game this season. Oh well, there's always next year!
  • Sweetie and I took a walk last night. Fall is creeping up on all of us these days -- even I got a bit of a chill as we were walking about the neighborhood.
I'm sorry there's no photograph accompanying this entry. There's no picture that can describe how I'm feeling these days.


Well now, I'm feeling a bit happier.

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lemming said...

The update brightened my day, though I suppose it's also an indicator that nothing was learned from Whitewater or Iran/Contra or...

GREAT news about your father. Onward and upward!