Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Notes

Just a couple of personal notes from a rather historic day:

I was working from home and I got my problematic wireless network back up and running for my work laptop. So I curled up in front of the TV machine and settled in for the ceremony. When a certain pastor stepped up to the podium, I snapped this picture:

Yes, that's me turning my back upon Pastor Rick Warren. Hey, it's the least I could do, right? And I didn't even boo or raise my fist in anger when the former administration was introduced. I was too happy to protest any harder.

When it came time for Obama to take the oath of office, I decided to test something. I noticed that I could hear the Fourth of July fireworks on the Mall from my porch. Faint little pops instead of the sonic booms, but the sound was unmistakable. So I stepped onto my porch and listened. And there came a low rumble, more vibration than sound, punctuated by the artillery fire right after he completed the oath.

Hope never sounded so good!


TeacherRefPoet said...

I agree with you about Warren's views. However, I do not believe that we convince people to join our side by shunning them.

lemming said...

Cheers for the sound of hope.

tommyspoon said...

But that was not my intention, TRP. I was exercising my right to protest. Surely you would not deny me that?

And besides, I was alone at the time. There was nobody around to convince. ;-)

TeacherRefPoet said...

I would never deny anyone their first amendment rights!

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