Thursday, July 14, 2005

Downtown with Dad

7th and E Streets, NW

Before Dad has some surgery next week (a follow-up to his adventures in April), he switched our tickets to "Lady Windermere's Fan" at the Shakespeare Theatre. So I took him downtown last night, bought tapas at Jaleo, and then settled in for a delightful evening of Oscar Wilde. Dixie Carter was positively divine as Mrs. Erlynne, a true star's turn. And while this kind of play is not my usual cup of tea, I love it when it is done as well as this.

Happy Bastille Day!

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Joe said...

Mmmmm... I loved Jaleo. If you want to have fun sometime, use a sentence like "My wife and my sister-in-law and I had a great time at a tapas bar last night."

Then say, "No, a TAH-PAS bar, you sicko."