Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Timely Meme

Although I am neither a Catholic nor a "Cheesehead", I feel compelled to pile on to the Catholic Packer Fan's meme.

What were you doing...

...10 Years Ago

Being miserable. I was single, lonely, drinking and smoking way too much. I just began my Technical Writing career by working as a government contractor with the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. Even though I did enjoy the work, I had to give up my theatrical career to take this job. I felt like I was the biggest failure in the world, hence the drinking and the smoking.

...5 Years Ago

Living with my Sweetie in a post-WWII Arlington, VA, apartment. While we were busy planning our wedding, my Mom was nearing the end of her battle with lung cancer. Despite this, I was pretty happy. I was working for a dot com company in Alexandria, VA, even had my own office with walls and everything! I was very involved with The Actors' Center, having been recently elected to the Board of Directors. I began to feel like an adult.


Spent a little under four hours at the hospital awaiting the results of my Dad's surgery. He came through just fine, and was moved up to his room to begin recovery. His room is on the top floor and the view is really nice, and the view inspired me to complete this meme.

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