Monday, July 11, 2005

Workin' for the Weekend

Ever since Sweetie graduated from GWU with her MPP, some readers of this fine blog (A Proud Member of the Reality-Based Community since April!) have wondered how she would spend her copious amounts of free time. If this past weekend is any indication, then the answer to that question is one word: exhaustion. Lemme give you a little list of our weekend's activities:

    Friday Evening

  • I took Dad to a doctor's appointment, then to dinner with my Sister here. After dinner, I felt a bit restless and wanted to celebrate surviving a very busy week. So I took myself to see this. Not too bad, but Spielberg's pathological fear of unhappy endings is grating on my last nerve.
  • I came home to find Sweetie sitting in the bathtub wearing her painter's clothes. What was she doing? Oh, just caulking the tub. We had spoken earlier in the day about her desire to do that this weekend (which would involve forgoing showers for 24 hours while the caulk dried) but I didn't expect to find her in medias caulk. I helped her clean up and then we hit the sack.


  • Continuing our long-standing Saturday morning ritual, we hit the Arlington Farmer's Market and then the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery for breakfast. After I put away the veggies and cleaned the kitchen, Sweetie went back to sleep for three hours.
  • While Sweetie slept, I snipped about two feet of basil off our plants in the front yard and made some pesto. That's when I knew she was really tired, because the food processor did not wake her up.
  • Upon her rising, I started doing the laundry and planning dinner. Sweetie donned her painter's clothes and commenced to touch up the back bedroom.
  • In between painting and laundering, we watched the Nationals lose a close game to the Phillies.
  • For dinner, I grilled some zucchini and squash, corn on the cob, a foil packet of potatoes and onions, and some chicken for myself. Another grill success story!
  • We concluded our Saturday with another long-standing ritual, watching Cops. It's the best program to fold laundry to, IMHO.


  • We slept in! (Ok, sleeping in for us is like, 9 AM, but that's another story.)
  • For breakfast, I made blueberry/raspberry muffins for Sweetie to thank her for her hard work on the bedroom and bathroom.
  • After reading the paper, we got ourselves dressed and headed downtown to the Japan Information and Cultural Center to see an exhibit of printmaking called Ukiyo-E. It was really fascinating and pretty, but the lights were kept low due to the age of some of these prints (some almost 250 years old!) and, as a result, we were both lulled into a kind of exhaustion that lasted all the way through dinner at her folks' house.

Another action-packed weekend! At this rate, we'll either be running marathons in six months or we'll be six feet under...


lemming said...

Have you and Sweetie ever seen the VH-1 Cops special? Very good

oddangel said...

Two feet of basil?! I am SO envious. With the relatively cool and wet summer we've had so far, our basil plants are struggling, so we haven't done much with them.

As for happy/unhappy endings, I'm usually right with you, but I finally rented The Grifters last night, and I could use a happy ending after that flick.

Alison said...

I am curious - does the ending of WotW actually differ from the original in some way? (Feel free to email, in case the general populus wants to be kept out of it.)